William E. Dill founded Dill Brothers, Inc. in 1958 as a manufacturer of structural steel.  Over time Mr. Dill developed and grew the company into the precision welding, fabricating and machining job shop that it is today. Dill Brothers specializes in large precision complex parts and assemblies that we supply to many of the largest and most successful companies in the USA. Mr. Dill established a foundation for the company that includes exceptional quality, dedicated and dependable customer service, and strong ethics and honesty in his employees that prevail throughout Dill Brothers, Inc. today

Contact Information

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Facilities List

This facility listing will acquaint you with the capacity of our company. No project is too small and very few are too big. From raw stock through fabrication, machining and assembly, we stand ready to help you with your needs.

Plant Tour

Take a photographic tour of our facilities in Zion, Illinois.

Key People

Meet some of the people who make this place work!

Career Opportunities

Are you interested in joining our Dill Brothers team? We have a job openings for a CNC Programmer and Manufacturing Technical Assistant (posted on May 27, 2016), and for a General Laborer and Material Handler (posted on June 10, 2016).

New Customer Brochure

Just click the above link to download our New Customer Brochure (PDF; 1.1MB).